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Welcome to KomTeK Technologies. We are a precision closed die forging and investment casting facility supplying the medical, aerospace, nuclear, petrochemical and industrial markets. KomTeK Technologies specializes in working with materials such as nickel and cobalt based alloys, aluminum, titanium, high temperature alloys, hastelloy C & X, Inconels, and all stainless steels.

Commitment to the latest technologies is evident in every phase of the production cycle. The success of our operation is a result of continuing investments in state of the art manufacturing technology and innovative approaches to new opportunities.

KomTeK Technologies is the only privately held manufacturing company in the United States offering fully integrated investment casting and forging capabilities under a single management structure. What you gain as a customer is the flexibility to engineer your product concepts around a manufacturing process, or combination of processes, to fully meet your requirements.


KomTeK Technologies 
A Division of KT Acquisition LLC.
40 Rockdale Street
Worcester, MA

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